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1st-Nov-2009 06:54 pm - Vettel wins final race of 2009.


Vettel  got his 4th win in this year to lead a Red Bull one-two in the 1st ever Abu

Dhabi Grand Prix.  Webbo shook off Jenson (Who finished 3rd .) to finish in 2nd .
Jenson was ahead of Rubins ( Who finished 4th .). This meant that Seb finished

as championship runner-up. Nick H ended the season on a high by finishing in a

good 5th.
Kobayashi  scored his 1st ever points  by finishing  in 6th ahead of team

mate Jarno (Who finished in 7th .)  Buemi rounds off the points scorers in 8th.

31st-Oct-2009 03:46 pm - Lewis flew to easy pole

Lewis flew to pole in the 1st ever Abu Dhabi GP by 0.7

seconds to the two Red Bulls. Vettel will start in 2nd behind

Lewis and will start ahead of Webbo who will start in

3rd.Rubins ( Who will start in 4th.) will start ahead of his

Brawn team mate Jenson (Who will start in 5th.)   Jarno

have put his problems behind to start in a good 6th.  

Kuba ( Who will start in 7th.) will start ahead of his team

mate Nick H ( Who will start in 8th .) in BMW’s last race in F1.

Nico and
Buemi   who start in the top ten for the 1st ever

time round off the top ten.
None of the Ferraris got into
the top ten  which made this year the 1st since 1993 that

Ferrari  not  got the  No 1 position. It was worse for Fred who went out at Q1 for the 1st time ever and will start in



Jenson finally get his 1st WDC after he produced a great drive to get a 5th

place to get the title as Webbo won his 2nd race. Kuba drove an excellent race
to get 2nd and Lewis took full advantage of the safety car which can out right

at the start of the race after an accident between Jarno and
Sutil which also

took Fred out of the race. Vettel was another driver who took advantage to

get 4th to get some pride back. Behind Jenson Kimi got 6tg place despite of

being sprayed with the fuel of Kova’s car when he and Kova were pitting

under the safety car.
Buemi  drove to a good 7th place and Rubins who had to
pit right at the end of the race recovered to get 8th and score the final points

and hand the title to Jenson.


Rubins got his 1st pole for 5 years as he took full advantage of his main his title rivals had disasters in an extremely long Brazilian Grand Prix qualifying session, which lasted nearly 3 hours in total thanks to stoppages and delays. 

Q1 was first red flagged after only 4 minutes when Fisi spun his car stalled on the racing line which left him at the back of the grid.

Q1 started again after a 12 minutes delay But Vettel and both the McLarens fell victim and went out.

The five minute break before Q2 then stretched to 20 minutes then the red flags were out yet again as Liuzzi crashed but was unharmed. Then there  was an delay of 1 hour 10 mins until the session was started again and with the track getting quicker there was a chance to get into inters which most drivers did but for some reason Jenson did not and paid the price and will start  in 14th place.

Behind Rubins, Webbo will start in an excellent 2nd place after he fought with Rubins to fight for the pole.  Sutil enjoyed the conditions and it got him an excellent 3rd place. Jarno will start in a good 4th place Kimi who turned 30 today will start in 5th.  Buemi will start in a good 6th . Nico will start in 7th with his team mate Nakajima who will between Kuba( Who will start in 8th place.) in 9th place. Fred rounds of the top 10.

Due to the fact that Qually was so long I will not be able to give you the weights until Sunday.

4th-Oct-2009 03:27 pm - Tyre strategies - Japanese GP

The Formula 1 regulations state drivers must use both types of tyre compounds during every race.

Below is the order in which each driver used his tyre compounds in the Japanese Grand Prix, as recorded by Bridgestone:

Team                    Tyre choice by stint


Giancarlo Fisichella    Soft          Soft        Hard
Kimi Raikkonen          Hard          Soft        Soft


Lewis Hamilton          Soft          Hard        Soft
Heikki Kovalainen         Soft          Hard        Soft

BMW Sauber

Robert Kubica           Hard          Hard        Soft
Nick Heidfeld           Soft          Hard        Soft

Fernando Alonso         Hard          Soft
Romain Grosjean         Hard          Soft


Jarno Trulli            Hard          Hard        Soft
Timo Glock

Scuderia Toro Rosso

Jaime Alguersuari       Hard          Hard        Soft
Sebastien Buemi         Soft

Red Bull Racing

Mark Webber             Soft          Hard        Hard    Hard  Soft Soft
Sebastian Vettel        Hard          Hard        Soft


Nico Rosberg            Hard          Hard        Soft
Kazuki Nakajima         Hard          Soft

Force India

Adrian Sutil            Soft          Hard        Soft
Vitantonio Liuzzi       Hard          Hard        Soft


Jenson Button           Hard          Hard        Soft
Rubens Barrichello      Hard          Hard        Soft
4th-Oct-2009 03:21 pm - Vettel took total control

There were changes to the grid fo the Japan GP that most people predicted as the FIA did not able to release the official list until 2 hours before the race. The official list was:
Pos Driver                             Weight (kg)
 1. Vettel       Red Bull-Renault       658.5
 2. Trulli       Toyota                 655.5
 3. Hamilton     McLaren-Mercedes       656.0
 4. Heidfeld     BMW-Sauber             660.0
 5. Raikkonen    Ferrari                661.0
 6. Barrichello Brawn-Mercedes         660.5 *
 7. Rosberg      Williams-Toyota        684.5
 8. Sutil        Force India-Mercedes   650.0 *
 9. Kubica       BMW-Sauber             686.0
10. Button       Brawn-Mercedes         658.5 *
11. Kovalainen   McLaren-Mercedes       675.0 **
12. Alguersuari Toro Rosso-Ferrari     682.5
13. Buemi        Toro Rosso-Ferrari     665.4 *
14. Fisichella   Ferrari                661.5
15. Nakajima     Williams-Toyota        695.7
16. Alonso       Renault                689.5 *
17. Grosjean     Renault                691.8
18. Liuzzi       Force India-Mercedes   682.5 **
19. Webber       Red Bull-Renault       -     ***
20. Glock        Toyota                 -     ****
*    Five-place grid penalty
**   Five-place grid penalty for changing gearbox
*** New chassis so will start from the pitlane
**** Will not start due to injury

In the race Vettel took total control of an uneventable race and was only in trouble
when his 2nd pit stop was messed but he had such a lead that he did not suffer as a

result. Jarno gave Toyota their 2nd place in a week after he beat  Lewis who

finished in 3rd, Kimi got a good 4th place after showing some pace in his Ferrari.

Nico got 5th place after he had to face the stewards after other drivers thought

that he sped under the safety car after it was sent out after Jaime Alguersuari had

a heavy crash at the 130R. Nick H had an excellent race to get 6th. Rubins (7th) got

just ahead of team mate Jenson (8th) to round off the point scorers.

3rd-Oct-2009 12:35 pm - Post-qualifying car weights - Japan

From the 2009 season, the FIA is making public the weights of the cars, with their fuel load included, following Saturday's qualifying session.

Below is the weight of each car following qualifying for the Japanese Grand Prix, sorted by qualifying position.

Pos  Driver                             Weight (kg)
 1.  Vettel       Red Bull-Renault       658.5
 2.  Trulli       Toyota                 655.5
 3.  Hamilton     McLaren-Mercedes       656.0
 4.  Sutil        Force India-Mercedes   650.0
 5.  Barrichello  Brawn-Mercedes         660.5
 6.  Heidfeld     BMW-Sauber             660.0
 7.  Button       Brawn-Mercedes         658.5
 8.  Raikkonen    Ferrari                661.0
 9.  Kovalainen   McLaren-Mercedes       675.0
10.  Buemi        Toro Rosso-Ferrari     665.4*
11.  Rosberg      Williams-Toyota        684.5*
12.  Alonso       Renault                689.5*
13.  Kubica       BMW-Sauber             686.0*
14.  Glock        Toyota                 -
15.  Alguersuari  Toro Rosso-Ferrari     682.5*
16.  Fisichella   Ferrari                661.5*
17.  Nakajima     Williams-Toyota        695.7*
18.  Grosjean     Renault                691.8*
19.  Liuzzi       Force India-Mercedes   682.5*
20.  Webber       Red Bull-Renault       -

* declared weight

Vettel got an excellent pole in the Japan GP after enduring the most chaotic F1 qually session recent F1 history. Lewis got 2nd place and Jarno got an excellent 3rd place.  Nick H got 4th place and with Kuba who will start in 7th place after benefiting from other drivers getting penalties. Kimi will start in 5th Nico was another driver who also benefiting from other drivers getting penalties and will start in 6th.  Sutil will start in 8th even when he had to take a 5 place drop for speeding under yellows. Rubins was another driver who speed under yellow and take a 5 place drop but will start in the top ten in 9th.  Jaime Alguersuari, rounds off the top ten with his 1st ever top ten placing even after he crashed in Q2 but he was another driver who benefiting from other drivers getting penalties and will start in the top ten.

27th-Sep-2009 07:46 pm - Tyre strategies - Singapore GP

The Formula 1 regulations state drivers must use both types of tyre compounds during every race.

Below is the order in which each driver used his tyre compounds in the Singapore Grand Prix, as recorded by Bridgestone:

Team                    Tyre choice by stint

Giancarlo Fisichella    Soft     Soft      Super Soft
Kimi Raikkonen          Soft     Soft      Super Soft


Lewis Hamilton          Soft     Soft      Super Soft
Heikki Kovalainen       Soft     Soft      Super Soft

BMW Sauber 
Robert Kubica           Soft     Soft      Super Soft
Nick Heidfeld           Soft


Fernando Alonso         Soft     Soft      Super Soft
Romain Grosjean         Soft


Jarno Trulli            Soft     Soft      Super Soft
Timo Glock              Soft     Soft      Super Soft

Scuderia Toro Rosso   

Jaime Alguersuari       Soft     Soft      Super Soft
Sebastien Buemi         Soft     Super     Soft         Super Soft   Soft

Red Bull Racing      

Mark Webber             Soft     Soft      Super Soft
Sebastian Vettel        Soft     Soft      Super Soft   Super Soft


Nico Rosberg            Soft     Soft      Soft         Super Soft
Kazuki Nakajima         Soft     Soft      Super Soft

Force India 

Adrian Sutil            Soft     Soft
Vitantonio Liuzzi       Super    Soft      Super Soft   Soft


Jenson Button           Soft     Soft      Super Soft
Rubens Barrichello      Soft     Soft      Super Soft
27th-Sep-2009 07:45 pm - Lewis strolled to easy win

Lewis Hamilton won the Singapore Grand Prix which he was rarely troubled  from start to finished even when his KERS did not working for a short period during the early stages of the race. Timo and Fred drove excellent drives to get 2nd and 3rd place. Seb got 4th place after he got a pit lane speeding penalty after his 2nd pit stop which cost him any chance of getting on the podium. The Brawn team rescued their bad weekend even if both cars had to eased off to save their drastically fading brakes and make sure that Jenson(5th)  and Rubins (6th)Kova had another poor race and finished in 7th and Kuba was the final point scorer making up for the fact that Nick h had to start at the pits after his car was founded to be under the weight limit and his race was not good as well has he had to retire after Adrian Sutil drove straight into Nick and Sutil got into trouble with the stewards who fined him $20,000.

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